Sunday, October 10, 2010

Math For Dinner

Today is a one-in-a-lifetime (presumably...although I'm holding out for a medical breakthrough...) event--10/10/10 day.  My new age friends say that it is a time of great energy convergence, and my math friend, Maria D of Natural Math, says that it is a mathematical holiday called Powers of Ten day, and recommends that everyone celebrates by watching this video.

At our house, we didn't focus on the exponents of ten, however, looking more at the fact that there were three tens.  So we created a dinner based on threes.

We started out with a vegetable platter with hummus for dip.  There were three types of crudites:  carrots, three colors of bell peppers, and three-sided pita chips. 

However, we didn't use just any hummus; it was Trader Joe's Three Layer Hummus:

We had three three-sided vegetarian dishes.  They were Spanakopita,


and Marsala Burger Wedges.

Our last dish was our attempt at "Fibonachos."  We took three colors of corn chips:

Laid them out in a Fibonacci sequence with altering colors (although it is hard to tell the blue corn chips from the red corn chips, so we put the yellow corn chips in between them):

Then covered them in three ingredients:  chili, salsa, and cheese.

Dessert was (at least) three varieties of chocolate.

What a fun and delicious way to celebrate 10-10-10 day!  But since that isn't coming around again for another hundred years, maybe we'll recycle this idea for the 3rd of March.

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