Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Do Science at Home

The following video is a 50 minute-long talk by science educator Jim Mueller, aka Science Jim, about how to do science with your children at home.  He talks about such things as foundational principles, what is appropriate when, sequencing, and science educational philosophies.  While it may be particularly valuable for families with younger children, because he starts with teaching children who are 8, 9, and 10, I still think it is helpful for middle school education as well.

I can also attest to Science Jim's teaching skills.  My son has taken both traditional in-person classes and online classes with Science Jim, and has enjoyed and benefitted from them both.  We did a year-long course of physics with Science Jim, and I think he had a very good approach to the topic, with excellent hands-on experiments and good sequencing and explanations.   But he is also a fun and humorous guy who relates well to young people, which can make a big difference in your child's attitudes towards doing science.  If you are interested in taking some of his classes, check out his website, which also contains resources you can purchases, such as the e-books and videos he has done, as well as some other free videos on science topics.

Help for Doing Science at Home from Science Jim on Vimeo.

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