Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jules Verne!

Today Google has what I think may be my favorite ever of all of its famous Doodles!  It is an INTERACTIVE undersea portal.  You can move the lever up and down and see marine creatures that live in the different layers of the ocean.  They even have my son's favorite cephalopod, the nautilus!

When I investigated why Google had done this, I found out that today is the 183rd birthday of the original science fiction writer, Jules Verne.  Born in France on February 8, 1828, Verne was famous for his imaginative novels involving technology ahead of its time.  And in our house, we are glad to see that Google chose our favorite Verne book,  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as its inspiration for its Verne Doodle.  Kudos to Google for its imaginative nod to a wonderful writer!  Check out the real thing on the Google home page.

Quiz question for the day:  Does anyone remember the name of the underwater vessel in Verne's 1870 deep sea adventure?

Also, a reminder that Google is running a student Doodle design contest, but you must register by March 2, which will be here before you know it.    See the details in my previous blog post.

And as long as I am doing reminders, remember that I am running a book giveaway for Valentine's Day.  If you haven't already entered, you can do so in the comments section of this blog post.

UPDATE:  Ooooh, we just found the Treasure Chest!  Has anyone else found it?  Or any other neat
surprises we might have missed?

FEBRUARY 9 UPDATE:  The Doodle has left the home page, but here is a YouTube video that lets you see it, in case you missed it:


  1. I asked the one with the good memory (Ben) who couldn't remember. So, I did the next best thing....no, not reread the book, I Googled!

    What is "the Nautilus".

  2. And this round goes to Miss Sandra for her correct answer!

    Now it is time for Double Jeopardy, with another question provided by my husband...

    What was famous about the non-fictional submarine that was also named "The Nautilus"?

    My son is so happy--he loves all this talk about nautili!