Saturday, November 27, 2010

HBO Documentary on Learning Differences Airs on Monday, November 29

There is an HBO documentary on what they call "learning differences" (as opposed to learning disabilities) that is supposed to be showing at 8:30 PM on Monday, November 29.  It deals with how diagnosing such differences and getting students in a situation that supports their unique learning style changes their experience of themselves from failures to, at least, a work in progress, then a survivor, and perhaps finally a champion.  I haven't seen it (and I won't on Monday, since I don't have HBO--but hopefully someone in my homeschool group will record it and maybe share it with us later), but I LOVE the title:
"I Can't Do This, But I Can Do That."  What a great mantra for us ALL to use in life, especially when we are encountering challenges!

Get details, including a trailer for the documentary, at the HBO website.

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