Friday, January 14, 2011

Applications to Be a 2011 JASON National Argonaut Due February 28

The JASON Project, a science, math, and engineering education program geared to middle schoolers that I've mentioned before in my blog for their fantastic curricular resources, is accepting applications for students who want to be 2011 JASON National Argonauts.  In this highly competitive program, students spend up to 10 days in the summer working in the field with professional scientists investigating some real topic in oceanography.  The rest of the year, they work with The JASON Project through speaking engagements, podcasts, posts on forums, and such.  All travel, equipment, food and boarding, and other expenses of participating (and the field experiences are international) are paid by JASON.

To be eligible, students must be 14 or 15 by June 1, 2011.  However, if you have younger students who may want to apply in the future, I suggest you check out the application now.  Students have to show great promise in math or science, as well as demonstrating a good academic and community service background.    However, they are also looking for students to have some physical skills, including swimming, snorkling, diving, rock climbing, and the like.  So if you are serious about applying for this program, you could spend the time until you are old enough working on some of those experiences to help you be a more competitive candidate.

The information about applying is on the JASON website (you will have to create an account in order to access it, I believe).  You can also address additional questions to  The application deadline is February 28, 2011.

Good luck to anyone who applies.  Make you that you let us know if you make it!

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