Sunday, January 23, 2011

Middle Schooler Creates #1 Free App in Apple Store

All those middle schooler computer geeks out there, take note--the longstanding favorite free app for the iPhone and similar devices, a game called Angry Birds, has been knocked off its a 14 year old boy!  Robert Nay, an 8th graders living in Spanish Fork, UT, created his "Bubble Ball" app (in which you move balls through puzzle spaces using wooden and metal planks and such) in only six weeks, using a programming package called Corona from Ansca Mobile.  Corona is free to download and use on your own device, but you will have to buy a $349 annual subscription to share any programs you create with others (although educational users with a .edu address can get the software for only $49/year).  While it was only released right before Christmas, Bubble Ball has already been downloaded more than 3 million times!

Here is a video of Robert Nay speaking about his creation and future plans:

What a great example of what middle schoolers can do with a good idea, some parental support, and a little free time (OK, so I'm sure the fact that Nay has been programming for about six years already probably had something to do it with).

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