Friday, March 4, 2011

Education Week on Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Since I presented Steven Colbert's coverage of the Wake County School system in a blog post in January, I feel it is only fair that I also mention the recent education coverage by Jon Stewart (who, by the way, is a fellow William and Mary alumnus).  Although Stewart has been surprising silent about all the educational issues facing the country in the past several years, this week he has featured a series of bits on the subject.

First, on Monday, February 28, he castigated teachers for their greed and for "destroying America:"

He followed this up on Thursday, March 3, with three discussions about education. Stewart opened the show with some video from Wisconsin and Governor Walker's attempts to get concessions from the state's educators:

 Stewart later talked about the notion of sacrifice, but then captured certain commenters who demanded pay cuts and union concessions from teachers while defending six figure salaries and additional bonuses for CEOs who led financial institutions into such dire conditions that they required public bail-out money:

Finally, Stewart then interviewed NYU professor Diane Ravitch, probably the most renowned critic of the current school reform movement and author of the best-selling educational policy book of the year, The Death and Life of the Great American School System:  How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education:

Whether you agree with Stewart's perspective or not, at least someone beside Wake County is getting some attention for a while.

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