Monday, March 21, 2011

Math Book Suggestions

Here, as promised, is a list of the math books that were recommended by blog readers as part of the book giveaway to celebrate Pi Day.  In addition to Blockhead:  The Life of Fibonacci by Joseph D'Agnese, they were:

Why Pi? by Johnny Ball

We also like The Rabbit Problem, by Emily Gravett (and a lot of rabbits), and The Wright 3, by Blue Balliett, both of which deal with the Fibonacci sequence.

Another great math story is One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale by Demi. I use this artfully illustrated story to introduce exponential notation as well as the power of MATHEMATICS.

Everyone of all ages in my house still spends time with City by Numbers, by Stephen T. Johnson, even though we're all long past numeral recognition. It's a beautiful book.

I like You Can Count on MonstersQuack and Count, all of Anno's books, How Hungry Are You?The Cat in NumberlandPowers of Ten, and a bunch of not-picture-books I posted about here.

My favorite children's math book is Kathryn Lasky's "The Librarian who measured the earth."
It motivated me to develop the Noon Day project at CIESE/Stevens:

Thanks to all for the recommendations.  I'm sure they are all great resources for shaking up our math instruction and addressing some subjects through literature instead of traditional workbooks.

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