Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Appreciate Your Local Libraries During National Library Week

I don't know about you, but especially as a homeschooler, I would be lost without my libraries.  One of the local librarians looked up my account last year, and found I had checked out more than 4,000 books in the past 10 years--that's more than one book a day for every day for a decade!  But that is just part of it.  My son participates in three different book clubs sponsored by the libraries.  We go to lots of talks, exhibits, and special programs put on by our libraries.  We use the library computers to check our email when we're out, or sometimes hang out there for a half hour or so when we have time to kill between activities.  And with BOTH of our local Borders closing (WAAAAA!), the library is becoming even more important as a place to hold our homeschooling and other community-based meetings.

So I don't want to let National Library Week (April 10-16) go by without letting our library system know how much we appreciate them.  Librarians are the cutting edge of the information age, and constantly need to update their skills to include new media sources.  Plus, like most government workers in these times of budget cutting, they are constantly being asked to serve more with few resources--less money, less staff, etc.

Today (April 12) is the day, National Library Workers Day, during National Library Week that is dedicated to recognize the people behind the books at our libraries.  The American Library Association has set up an easy way for you to show your appreciation for your local librarians.  They are creating a Galaxy of Stars--librarians who have been nominated by their local community for the outstanding service they provide.  All you have to do is to submit a short form online to recognize your favorite librarian(s).

So I urge everyone to take 5 minutes to create a special recognition for your library.  I was horrified to check the North Carolina listing to see that not one librarian in the entire state had been nominated!  So we've added our favorites (which isn't shown, because it is only updated once a week), and hope that you will join us.

My son and I also got up early this morning and baked a fresh batch of our specialty--vegan (but they taste like regular) coconut chocolate chip cookies.  He is now downstairs making a Thank You card for our local library while I write this post.  We're going to drop off the cookies and the card this morning before we head out for our day of activity--history coop, science coop, errands, etc.

It doesn't have to be today, but I hope everyone takes an opportunity this week to show their librarians some love!

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