Friday, February 3, 2012

Curriculum Resource: Buddhism with Dharma Games

I recently found a cute little website when I was looking for things for my World Religion class.  Buddhism and computer games--two things you wouldn't necessarily put together.  But the site Dharma Games has a number of computer games, but all with Buddhist themes.

The games are mostly typical game formats--pinball, concentration, pacman-like--but are overlaid with Buddhist concepts and imagery.  So for most of them, you don't really have to know a lot about Buddhism to play them, nor do they really help you experience or work through Buddist principles or thinking.  But still, it is a fun and different way to get students to learn a little bit about Buddhism.

They have one called It's Meditation Time, which is a puzzle game where you have to get all the Buddhist monks to sit down in order to meditate.  But when one monk changes position, the others next all take the opposite position from before (so that the neighboring monks that were seated are now standing and vice versa).  It's a good puzzle, because I have no idea how you re going to get them all seated.  If you figure it out, let me know in the conments below.