Thursday, February 24, 2011

Donate to New Zealand Earthquake Relief and Get Free Curriculum from CurrClick

I've written previously about CurrClick, a prime electronic source for downloadable curriculum.  They, and some of the curriculum developers they represent, are running a new giveaway to raise money for relief efforts for the recent earthquake in New Zealand.  For a donation of $20  (100% of which goes to the New Zealand Red Cross), they will allow you to download a bundle of curricula that normally sells for $230.  Or if you don't want that, you can make a $5 donation through their site, with, again, all money going to the victims in New Zealand.

There are 27 different curricula in the bundle.  Of course, not all are at the middle school level, but many of you teaching middle schoolers also have other children of different ages.  There is a lapbook about New Zealand Flags and Symbols, which could be useful for discussing this disaster with children of any age.  There are some generic tools, like field trip notebooks pages and a meal planner, along with some interesting-looking resources on Shakespeare and Da Vinci.  But one resource I can recommend specifically for middle school students is the Bite-Size Physics book by Science Jim.  This 271-page ebook, which by itself normally sells for $35, contains 25 lesson plans and over 70 experiments on such topics as mechanics, energy, thermal dynamics, and static electricity.  We own this book, and have been fortunate enough to have taken both online and face-to-face classes with Science Jim (Mueller), and I can tell you that he is fantastic!  So if all you download from your donation is this book, you've already gotten a deal on a great educational resource and helped some people in distress.  What can be better than that?

Click here to see the details on the $20 New Zealand Charity bundle.

Or, click here to donate $5.00 to the New Zealand Red Cross via CurrClick.

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