Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Presidents' Day Package and Other American History Curricula at CurrClick

I've noticed that my most popular posts have been about a free curriculum, so here is one for our upcoming Presidents' Day holiday.

CurrClick, one of the most abundant resources for commercial (but low-cost) downloadable curricula, is having a Presidents' Day sale where most of their American history resources are 40% off regular prices.  However, they are also offering a few packages for free.

One of the free resources is Living Books Curriculum Holiday Helper for Presidents' Weekend.  It contains some stories, quotes, and famous pictures related to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  LBC is a company that sells Charlotte Mason educational materials, which emphasis classic literature, oral expression, copy work, and inspiring art (among other things).  So if you are looking for some quotes, some artwork, or some stories about the lives of Washington or Lincoln, this resources might be what you are looking for.

There are a number of other free curricula during the sale, which ends February 24.  Some of the other free resources are:

American Revolution:  Time Line Game
Declaration of Independence Copywork Notebook
History Scribes-Bio-Presidents
Independence Day Skip Counting Cards
United States of America Notebook Pages

Not all of them are geared towards the middle school level, but I know some of you have younger children as well.

The catch is that the free titles are scattered among the titles for sale, so you have to page through the sale items to find them.  But I thought I would give you a list of the free ones so you would know whether or not it was worth your time.  And, of course, if you need some American history materials, this is a good time to buy them.

You can access the sale pages here.

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