Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Assisting A Local Homeschool Family

Our local homeschool group has a family who is in need.  Hope and Luke McMullan are a really cool local couple who are homeschooling their two children and running a landscape design firm that focuses on sustainable agriculture/gardening, low environmental-impact landscaping, and permaculture.

Last month, the family went to visit extended family who were living on the other side of the country.  Hope, who was 21 weeks pregnant, went into labor and delivered twin baby girls (qualified as micro-preemies because of their short gestation period).  One, Abigail, unfortunately, was stillborn, but the other, Zaria, went immediately into the Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICO) to fight for her life.

The family stayed with their new baby girl, eventually breaking their lease in NC, having friends put all their stuff into storage, and putting their pets and animals (such as a flock of chickens) into foster care.  However, about five weeks after she had been born, Zaria died on Sunday morning, August 28.

Now the family is dealing with their grief and trying to put their lives together.  Because they deal with local North Carolina vegetation, they have not been able to work through this ordeal because they were so far away.  They have medical costs and visiting costs and don't have a home to come "home" to in North Carolina.

So one of their friends is holding a fundraiser to try to raise some money to help them get back on their feet.  In this fundraiser, for a donation of only $5 or more, you get a chance to win some wonderful prices at her website.  For more information, click the button below:

Love to Zaria

If you can help, even by donating a few dollars, please do.  This is a family that could use some assistance in getting back on their feet after an intense emotional roller coaster.  But once back, they will return to their work at helping people plant vegetation that will work with the earth and local environment, rather than against it and thus requiring lots of water, pesticides, fertilizers, and how knows what all else.

Thanks in advance for any donations and for helping getting the word out about this deserving family.


  1. Thank you for this lovely post and for helping draw attention to the fundraiser for the McMullans. The response has been overwhelming,and we just raised the goal again, thanks to support from friends like you.

  2. Thanks for what you are doing in leading this effort.