Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh No! No Lazy Daze This Year!

We got some really bad news today--the Town of Cary cancelled the annual art festival here called Lazy Daze that was supposed to take place on Saturday.  It's been around for 35 years, and has become one of the biggest art festivals in the SouthEast.  It is held in the major roads in downtown Cary the last weekend in August, rain or shine, and has never been cancelled before.  It is both a big bucks and a high prestige event, so it's a really major deal that they cancelled it.

It is particularly bad news because if the Town of Cary went ahead and cancelled it, that means that they are expecting really bad conditions from Hurricane Irene.  They mentioned the recent deaths from a stage that was blown over in Indiana as one of their reasons for canceling, and of course, they are right to put people's safety over profits.  It's not a large street, and it gets really packed and hard to move under regular conditions, so if something happened and people were trying to get out in a panic, it would probably be a really bad scene.

So I'm really disappointed, but I'm not arguing with the decision.  I'm also not looking forward to what we may have to deal with instead of a lovely day looking at arts & crafts and listening to music.

Oh well.  The weather will do what it will do.

But don't be surprised if I miss a day or two of blog posts.  Since we live in the old part of town, our power goes out quite frequently.  But if we lose power or our precious lifeline to the world--our Internet connection!--well, just hang tight, and I'll get back online as soon as I can.

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