Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Best Google Doodle of 2011

Yesterday's Google Doodle reminded could I not have written about the Best Google Doodle of 2011 as part of my New Yearl's posts?   There were so many wonderful Doodles that is is hard to choose.   Some were really beautiful, some were educational (like the Nicolas Steno one yesterday), and some were so inventive, like the Jim Henson one where you could manipulate the Muppet puppets or the Freddie Mercury one? (was that it?) where you could actually play notes?

But one was the nearest and dearest to the hearts in our household, and that was the interactive submarine view for Jules Verne's birthday:

Visit my original post for a video of all the things you could find in this interactive display.

But if you aren't clear about the outstanding Google Doodle for the past year, you can watch this video for some reminders of all the great displays Google gave us this year:

So which one was your favorite Doodle for 2011?  Add it to the comments below.

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