Sunday, July 24, 2011

Curriculum Resource: Body Systems Survivor

I ran across a creative idea for a human health class for middle schoolers--a curricular idea entitled Body Systems Survivor.  This program, which was created by a school in Long Island, NY, covers a typical human anatomy topic--the six body systems in the human body--by presenting it as a contest between the competing body systems a la reality TV competition Survivor (or that's what I assume, at least....I'm never actually seen the TV show).  Students work together in six competing teams, performing various challenges, and ultimately producing a multimedia work to argue why their body system is the most important system in the human body.

The Body Systems Survivor website is not a curriculum per se, but it demonstrates what the school did, and shares many components, resources, and student output.  So it can provide you with assistance if you would like to do something like this in a group setting.

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