Friday, July 1, 2011

Curriculum Resource: The History of English in Ten Minutes

We seem to be doing even more educational activities than I had planned for the summer.  However, they tend to be the more fun and laid-back investigations of various topics.  One resource that we've stumbled onto recently and have really enjoyed is The History of English in Ten Minutes.

This is a serious of one-minute cartoons on the different ethnic or writing contributions to the English language.  The cartoons are quick and funny, although they don't have a lot of depth.  But they help to depict the wide variety of places that English expressions came from, which helps to explain why spelling can be SO CRAZY!

Don't take my word for it--watch it yourself.  All ten short videos are embedded below.  My son enjoyed them so much that he watched all of them without my even having to ask him to do so.

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