Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starlight Concert Series: Craicdown

Last night we went to another of the free Friday night concerts in downtown Cary.   This is probably the last one we can see of this series, but we certainly went out on a high note!

First, it has been a bit cooler (compared to the over 100 degrees weather of the previous week), so the evening weather was very pleasant.  It was probably in the seventies (once the sun went behind the tree line), with a slight breeze and no bugs.  So what a great night to listen to music!

Secondly, we ran into three other families from our homeschooling group who were at the concert.  It always makes it fun to share the experience with other families.

Thirdly, the group--Craicdown--was great!  All the musicians were so talented--everyone played at least two or three distinct instruments.  The music they played traversed the world.  They started with a zydeco piece (influenced by music from New Orleans), then did some accordian songs, then...well, I forget the order now, but it included Celtic, Cajun, US Country, Mediteranean/Greek?, Opera, Folk, Tango, Brazilian, some other South American, and I've probably forgotten a few.  But you get the idea--they were were multi-national and multi-talented.

So I can recommend them both--both the Starlight concert series at the Page Walker in Cary and this wonderful world music band, Craicdown.


  1. Thanks for your kind words Carol. It was a beautiful night and I remember it fondly. Since you do home schooling, you may want to know that I teach percussion and music for all ages. I believe that there is much to explore in the world and I keep an open ear for new sounds and rhythms. In fact, all of us teach! If you are open to that type of thing, don't hesitate to give me or the guys a call. Thanks again for enjoying the music! Jim - Craicdown drummer

  2. Great to hear from you, Jim. And thanks for the comment about teaching--I will keep it in mind. You guys have some of the off-the-beaten-track instruments, which fits right in with a lot of our off-the-beaten-track kids! So we'll keep that in mind if we are looking for teachers in this area.