Saturday, July 9, 2011

Curriculum Resource: Museum Educator Bob Alderink

If you live in the Triangle area and aren't familiar with one of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences premier educators, Bob Alderink, then you are really missing out.  Bob Alderink is exactly the kind of person you want your child to be learning science from; he is passionate about his subject, knows all sorts of both deep and trivial knowledge on many different aspects of biology, and is an excellent presenter who couches his lessons with demonstrations, hands-on activities, age-appropriate pacing, and really great energy and humor.

For years, we have enjoyed Alderink's presentations at the NCMNS.  My son has watched the same show over multiple times (an unusual behavior for him) because of Alderink's energy and funny comments.  However, Alderink also offers a number of classes for homeschoolers outside of the Museum, and we were fortunate enough to attend a series of his wildlife classes this past year.  Just walking through the woods with Alderink is a treasure, because he can explain so many interesting facets of just about every plant you pass.

So I was so glad to hear that the North Carolina Science, Math, and Technology Center recently awarded its first ever award for Outstanding Informal Educator to Bob Alderink.  You can learn more about Alderink and his work in science education through this video on the SMT website.

Or, you can see some of Alderink's work here on a new project he is doing for the NCMNS:  a series of short videos entitled A Moment of Science:

I was so pleased to hear about Alderink's award--I don't know anyone who deserves recognition more than he does for the wonderful job he does on turning kids onto science.  If you don't know him, you should definitely go see one of his public educational presentations at the Museum.  And if you are a homeschooler and have an opportunity to attend some of his classes, jump on it!  You won't be disappointed.

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