Monday, October 3, 2011

Math Trek at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Our Math Trek series has started up again for the new year.  This is one of the creative math activities organized by Maria Droujkova of Natural Math.  It is a multi-aged program where students of all levels take quests to find and photograph different math concepts.  We then share them with each other, whether by discussion, acting them out, or posting them on the web.

This week's Trek took place at the North Carolina Museum of Art, which has so many wonderful things to look at, whether mathematical or not.  Maria's colleague, Brad Herring, was there to capture the action on film, so that we could share it with other similar groups around the world so they could have their own Math Treks:

Our intrepid leader, Maria Droujkova

Our videographer, Brad Herring

Maria have the students various "quests" to find and photographs, including recording examples of fractions, proportions, and fractals.  Then we came together to discuss and recreate some of our favorite mathematical concepts/photographs:

Recurring Circles

Acting out the proportions of seats in a circular amphitheater

Making a human fractal

As always, it was a fun and educational outing.  Plus, the weather was beautiful this weekend.  But to see students discovering math in settings all around them--that was even more beautiful!


  1. Thank you for the write-up! I finally looked up the word "intrepid" (better late than never)! :-)

  2. You didn't need to look it up, because you embody it.