Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We are back from tromping through the rain and mist with some friends in what is the closest that most of our children will get to participating in a true harvest festival--the "trick or treat" tradition of Halloween.   My son's goodie bag is sufficiently loaded with loot that it will probably take him a week or more to eat it all or to decide to dispose of it.

So the weather wasn't the most cooperative this year, since it was rainy and cold tonight.  Something that did warm my heart, though, was the Doodle that Google displayed on its home page today.

Google had a time-lapse video of some staff carving GIGANTIC (I think they were half-ton) pumpkins into what eventually became a Google logo.  But in between carving, various other staff came and hung out, sometimes in costume.  You can watch the video below:

It is a cute, creative, and original tribute to this autumnal holiday, and one that you can enjoy without any calories, which is rare this time of year. It also adds to the impression that it must be a real kick to work at Google (for more on that, see this post).

For even more fun, you can watch this video in which the pumpkin artists explain their process and what it is like to carve a half-ton pumpkin:

Happy Halloween 2011 to all!

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