Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kawanzaa 2011 Blog: Cary Kawanzaa Celebration

In our attempts to include all the seasonal holidays in our celebrations, today my son and I went to a portion of the 17th annual Cary Kawanzaa celebration.  This was held in our new Arts Center, and included African dancing, a marketplace of African American arts and related goods, and craft activities for the children:

They were also selling plates of African food, so we bought some Chicken Karenga, an aromatic dish of chicken and seasonal vegetables in a slightly curryish-tasting sauce, served over yellow rice:

While it is not aimed at us, it was nice to have a taste of a holiday that seeks to remind people of such values as Unity, Self-Determination, Creativity, and Cooperative Economics.  Looking back at all the fighting and political battles over this past year, it seems like we would all be better off if we paid more attention to Kawanzaa, whether we are African Americans or not.

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