Friday, December 2, 2011

How Good Is Your Color Perception?

For those of you visual people, or people with highly visual learning students or children....

I've been working on some web design lately for one of our homeschooling projects, and I came upon an Online Color Challenge by x-rite.   Now, I am not a very visual learning; I'm much more of an oral learner, and a textual learning.  But I thought I was pretty good at color perception.

But according to this online test, NOT!  I did so much worse than I thought.

Nonetheless, it is a relative quick, but I thought fun and interesting thing to try.  My son is an extremely visual learner, but seems to be much less oriented to color than I am.  So I will be interested to give him this quiz and see if he does better than I do.

But try it yourself by clicking here.  And let me know how you do.  Am I the only one who found it much harder (or, that is, performed much worse) that I thought?

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