Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 Blog: Google "Ornament" (Easter Egg) Makes It Snow

The elves at Google have been up to their usual holiday merriment.  They have programmed a so-called "Easter Egg" for your frosty amusement.

If you go to the Google home page and type in the words "let it snow," first you will see a variety of YouTube videos of the song of that title by different performers.  However, you'll soon notice something else--digital snowflakes are falling from the top of your screen.  Eventually, the screen will frost up, and by dragging your mouse while holding the button down, you can clear areas of the screen, just like you do with your finger on a icy window.  Once you are tired of that, you can hit the Defrost button to clear the screen completely.

It's a cute little thing to try, although apparently it doesn't work on all browsers, such as Internet Explorer (I'm using Safari myself).

Below is a video showing how it works.


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